Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Summer Marcothon

The rules on Christmas Day are that you must wear a santa hat and drink champagne before the run

Running every day for a month is hard for most. Running every day for a month in the lightless arctic month of December in Scotland is harder still. Obviously, this had to become a challenge. This challenge had to be called The Marcothon. It is named after some bloke in Scotland. Marco runs more than occasionally. So does his wife. Google the story. You can even buy the t-shirt.

Running every day for December when you are currently residing in summertime New Zealand and have very little employment obligations… not as difficult. Perhaps even cheating. But given that I have attempted numerous times in Scotland and achieved just once, I thought summertime New Zealand matched my commitment level more closely.

The rules; run every day in December for at least 5km or 25 minutes (whichever comes first).

Previously highlights included leaving a Mexican restaurant at 11:30pm after pitchers of margarita so that I could get a run in before the midnight deadline. Wearing my day’s attire which consisted of heeled boots and a Christmas jumper. I was so drunk that I unfortunately left my woollen hat in the restaurant. Thanks Sinead and Tina; that was a brilliant night. Neither were inspired to take up running.

This year I decided to pair up the Marcothon with the Beerathon. The second challenge is pretty self explanatory and was the harder of the two given my preference for overpriced craft beer and my limited funds. I have listed the beers at the bottom for those of you who are thirsty.

I would like to say that my run on the first of December was a memorable one but in all honesty, I cannot remember it. Most runs consisted of loops up to the Centre of New Zealand (cool fact; it is in my hometown), out-and-backs along a trail following the river (watching others enjoy the swimming holes), and jogging to the supermarket to pick up kai. Kai in New Zealand means food. Yes, please be embarrassed if you live in Britain and have named your child that without Google searching for all the meanings around the world.

Highlights this year included a beautiful run up Mount Manaia. Stunning views in the North of New Zealand on a gorgeous day. I had my sunhat and sunglasses on; although it was more because I was so hungover that I couldn’t face the world. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the top due to my over consumption the night before. On the upside; I didn’t vomit.

Scott did not actually run up the hill; my sister Hillary did and very patiently waited for me when I was too slow! 

Another highlight included a run joining two of my favourite trails in Nelson; the Maitai walkway past the dam and then up over Coppermine Saddle and down passed Third Hut. My favourite part of the trail had been closed after a slip caused by the Kaikoura earthquake in November (yes it was scary and yes I survived, although standing across from a bookshelf which was swaying while things fell off was not my smartest move).Clearly people had been up this trail dispute it’s closure as evidenced by the warning tape having been ripped down and tyre tracks everywhere. So I figured it was OK. Once I neared the end of the trail I realised that it was NOT OK and I had to cross a very scary slip made of large slate scree. I promise that I will not run on that trail again until it is open. Being summertime, some of the creeks had dried up and I ran out of water during my 45km journey. Fortunately, my father had decided to cycle in the opposite direction up the hill and had stashed a beer for my lunch with less than 20km to go. Beerathon for that day; tick.

Lunch on the Coppermine Saddle

Possibly the best run was on Boxing Day when I had a 6am flight to Auckland, then a few hours to wait for Scott and his brother Andy to arrive from Hong Kong. On arrival into Auckland, I got changed into my running gear and threw my suitcase and handbag on a luggage trolley. I then preceded to run the approximately 700m between Auckland Domestic and Auckland International terminals seven times. To get between terminals you follow a coloured line, which despite running it numerous times, I cannot remember if it is green or blue. Travellers reactions were amusing. On the first lap; she’s running late for a flight. The second lap; oh dear, she has forgotten something from her original terminal. The third lap; phew, she has got her lost item but is now running very late for her connecting flight. Good thing she travels in her full brightly coloured running kit and Ariana Grande ponytail. The fourth lap; wtf??!! Fortunately, only one couple saw me run all seven laps. I had a Dundee shower at the International terminal and awaited the boys arrival. After almost five months apart, I am sure that Scott didn’t mind if I was a bit smelly to greet him…

Running with my airport trolley between Auckland Domestic and Auckland International Airport! 
And the beers on the Viaduct in Auckland post airport (and showers)

And so I achieved Marcothon this year. At the end I was running as little as I needed to as my injury from the Taranaki 100 miler flared up. But completion is completion; whether it is summer or winter!

  • Altitude Brewing - The Moonlight Track
  • Kereru Brewing - Silverstream Pale Ale
  • Kereru Brewing - Resonator IPA
  • To Ol - Garden of Eden
  • To Ol - Cloud 9 Wit
  • McCashin’s Brewery - Stoke Maika Red Ale
  • Kereru Brewing - Karengose
  • Wigram Brewing - Ginger Jerry
  • Kereru Brewing - Old Red Oak Ale
  • Brew Moon Brewing - Luna Wit
  • McCashin’s Brewery - Stoke Recognition Rich Porter
  • The Mussel Inn - Brown Cow
  • Garage Project - Dark Arts Coffee Bock
  • 8 Wired Brewing - Wild Feijoa
  • Kereru Brewing - Pohutukawa Golden Ale
  • Tuatara Brewery - Amarillo
  • Renaissance Brewing - Elemental Porter Ale
  • Renaissance Brewing - Fellowship Aotearoa Pale Ale
  • Kereru Brewing - Guava Weisse
  • Maui Brewing - Doppel Shot Double Bock
  • Abbaye de Leffe - Leffe Bruin
  • Renaissance Brewing - Voyager
  • Funk Estate - Soul Slap
  • Deep Creek Brewing - The Leprechaun’s Belle
  • To Ol - Liquid Confidence
  • Kereru Brewing - Come Bye: Shepherd’s Ale
  • McLeod’s - Scotch Ale
  • McLeod’s - Tropical Cyclone
  • McLeod’s - White Sands
  • Brouwerij Rodenbach - Rodenbach Grand Cru
  • Hallertau Brewery - Nocturne
  • Saku Olletehas - Saku Porter
  • Garage Project - Mutiny On the Bounty
  • Boundary Road Brewery - Flying Fortress
  • Moa Brewing - Session Pale Ale
  • McLeod’s - Pioneer Porter
  • Wild Buck - Golden Lager
  • Sawmill Brewery - Pilsner
  • 8 Wired Brewing - Hippy Berliner Cucumber Edition
  • Baylands Brewery - Petone Pale Ale

Me being a hero so that my sister does not get her only pair of running shoes wet. Yes ultrarunners, some people can run with just one pair of shoes!

New Zealand has really rubbish locations for running - Cable Bay, Nelson


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  1. Impressive effort. And the running as well


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