A Wee History... 

After years of writing elaborate race reports for my father in New Zealand I decided to modernise myself with a blog. It saves forwarding the email to other exercise-enthused family members and also means that I get to post pictures on the internet of myself wearing lyrca.

Always a humbling last in Athletics as a child, I started running marathons at university to avoid study and improve my suntan. Not a fan of getting puffed during marathons, I ran my first ultra with my father in 2010. Ultra-running in Scotland is a popular sport and I was easily led astray by the energetic runners that make up the community. Although sometimes running hijacks my brain and my weekends I still run with a smile and in the same crop top that I wore as a child in my local cross country club.

I'm still the same, 16 years later...

I’m currently a New Zealander struggling with the Scottish accent but acclimatising to the weather. I have now completed 20 ultras. I can finally call myself an ultra-runner in Scotland after completing the West Highland Way Race in June 2012! In 2013 I represented New Zealand at the World 24 Hour Championships. I can be found on weekends walking up hills eating custard (when I should be running them).

I’ll never be the fastest but I fancy running some crazy distances in the future. I'd love to hear of your adventures so feel free to follow me on twitter @PetiteFeetRun on Instagram @PetiteFeetRunaway
Proud runner for Team Nathan UK.

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