Other Wise Blogs

Here are a few other blogs that I enjoy reading during spare moments at checkpoints or before napping in 24 hour races ...

Liv with Lymphoma - Liv Stocker

My sister explains how it feels to be on the wrong side of the cancer statistics. Please think of good puns to leave in the comments section.

Little Green Kitchen - Anna Yardley

Anna's scrumptious recipes. Eating well without being a dick about it.

Over the Top - Keith Hughes

Strange Aussie bloke living in Scotland. Speaks many words, types very few. May be responsible for my ultra running. 

Pyllon - Paul Giblin

A lean Scottish fella from the mean streets of Paisley. Eats plants and storms up mountains. West Highland Way record holder and poster boy.

Ultra Tales from the Pentland Trails - Fionna Ross

Team Nathan UK team mate. Lover of the Edinburgh Pentland Hills, Scottish record holder and injury fighter.

Debs on Running - Debbie Martin-Consani

GB 24-hour tracksuit regular. Must be read in a Scottish accent for best effect. Hangs out with that tiny talkative Glaswegian lass, Sharon Law. 

Sabrina Little Ultramarathons - Sabrina Little

Witty ultrarunner. We bonded at the World 24 Hour Championships in 2013. Well, Sabrina lapped me multiple times and my mum took a photo of her.

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