Sunday, 6 January 2013

Marcothon: See You in Rio

It's complete. And I conquered.

The Marcothon is very exciting. It goes a bit like this; run, run, run again, put the washing on, run slower, try to run fast, feel happy to run slow, put the washing on, run for a curry, run to work, just run. And then put the washing on again. I thought I'd find it much harder than I did. To be honest most of my runs were slow 25 minute plods but they counted. There were less temper-tantrums than I expected. One evening feeling sorry for myself after too many seven day work weeks in a row, Scott told me that I didn't have to go for a run. But I did have to. I could deal with the cold dark run better than I could deal with the guilt of not going. So I returned home to chocolates and wine.  

Who let this loose in Yorkshire? 

My Christmas list looked a bit like this:

Running tights without holes. My current faithful’s are six years old.

Socks. These are essential to any Christmas list. While I have preferences, I’ll pretty much take any I’m given.

A waterproof running jacket. One that can become small enough to go in my backpack. Preferably one without a broken zip.

Running gloves for small hands. Mine are currently missing in action.

Metal spikes. For the bottom of my running shoes of course.

Mizuno Wave Rider 16. In one of their funky colours.

Baileys. It’s milky and milk is protein. And Caroline Mckay once told me something about consuming protein being important which I interpreted as ‘drink milky alcoholic beverages’.

Both my brother-in-law and mother-in-law got me some new tights. They had noticed at a family get-together in October that my flesh was protruding through holes in my current ones. Well-observed. I'm hoping my older sister will pull up trumps on the socks front. When I went to put my ‘good’ socks on for the Sri Chimnoy 24-hour race at Tooting Bec I realised that they had holes in them. But with the race starting within the half hour it was a bit too late for a replacement pair. I did have another pair but they weren't the good pair, so obviously they had holes as well. That was the start of a painful experience. Not because of the holey socks but because the race just keeps going for 24 hours. I found my gloves at the bottom of my washing basket, I don't think the funky new Mizuno Riders are out in the UK yet and surely I won't need a waterproof running jacket for the Scottish summer. Plenty of Bailey's was consumed over the festive period. 

Debbie posted the following quote from Mo Farah regarding running on Christmas Day; 

''Of course I’ll be running (on Christmas Day)! I’m going to run twice, because my rivals will probably only run once, so I’ll have done more than anyone else.''

I loved the conversation this stirred. People publicly declaring that they would run multiple times more than Mo. Most amusing was the banter between Ian Beattie and Sandra involving the number of runs to squeeze in and thus avoid the Christmas cooking. Obviously I was hooked. Not only do I love running on Christmas Day I'm also useless in the kitchen. So I run twice. And tweeted Mo about it. Because that's what all the cool kids do and I have totally earnt myself a spot on the cool kids Christmas float. I've probably also earnt myself a spot in the Olympic Team for Rio 2016. So watch out Mo.

One frustrating thing about the Marocothon being international is that people in the Southern Hemisphere finish before those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. And they post about it on Facebook. But the support on there was fantastic and the Marcothon community is magnificent.

Huge thanks to Debbie and Marco for getting this crazy wee challenge started. At the beginning of December I thought that the title of this post would be Marcothon: Running is Awful and I've Burnt All My Running Kit. I just assumed that my attitude towards running would be so awful once I had no choice about doing it. But it turns out that I love doing things that make me feel like I'm a wee bit crazy.   

And did I run on New Years Day? No. I went to work and then washed my running shoes instead.

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