Friday, 19 October 2012

Ultra Tales with Dad

Don’t you wish your dad was cool like mine?

To be honest, my father is quite popular with the media and it makes me jealous. He’s been in newspapers and on the radio for his running. People love that he’s a local bean counter with three daughters who loves a bit of adventure on the side. However, this is the first time he’s gone international and appeared in an e-zine. Check him out in the latest edition of Ultra Tales – he’s on page 63 with his report on running 50km consecutively for five days. All to celebrate his 50th of course. Wonder where I get my crazy gene from?   

To read Ultra Tales – Edition Three visit

Don’t pity me too much though because I am also soon to appear in a magazine also. It’s published in New Zealand so I’ll claim that as international since I now use Scottish slang more often than the locals. I’ll keep you posted…

Oh and if you are wondering about my 50km time in my recent track race; I did beat dad’s time. I’m not sure what time I ran for the 50km mark but I was informed very shortly after I finished (but before I passed out) that it was faster than dad’s. While I’m still not over the terror of the 24-hour run, I’ll take that success to give me a little step forward towards the running light…

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  1. Big Cograts to your Dad....that's amazing! (Yes, now we see where you get it from Antonia!!)
    Am now thinking of taking a picture of Tony with a banner appropriately displaying 6 X 6 at 60!...walking of course!
    Tried to read Ultra Tales but site seems to be down at the moment.


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