Crew (The A-Team)

Crew Hall of Fame

(or pain)

Introducing the members of the A-team. All valued for their contributions to my race successes, blamed for my race failures and thanked for putting up with any tantrums which may have occurred before, during or after events. Without whom, the world would be a dangerous place.

In order of appearance...

Mother Johnson
Debuted during the Caesar Camp 50-miler. The first ultra for both my father and I, she managed to bag herself a ride in another man's car to ensure that she met us at the halfway mark. She still looks like this. Obviously.

Father Johnson
Expert in nutrition. Number one fan. Master of spreadsheets and splits. Main influence in the field of running. Has since moved his training interests to other athletes such as my husband.

Scott Wesley
Often ridiculed in blog posts. Carrier of goods.  Husband of athlete. Aspiring runner. Good at bum gluteus maximus massages. Editor of the international masterpiece; Petite Feet Runaway.

Nicole McKillop
Fellow Kiwi. Well-organised. Takes no mercy. Questionable driver. Three-time crew member. Most notable crewing moment; puffing after running the 20 metres across the Glenmore campground in wellies. Prefers snow.

Liv Stocker
Like Liv Tyler. But with a different surname. Team leader. As a runner, I need to be rather strategic to get around her / my pre race rules. Keeps the boys in line. Top-notch commitment.

Michael Stocker
Brings his own notes. Remains calm. Good negotiator. Quiet but not to be underestimated when it comes to tactics.

Father Wesley
Has an incredibly good-looking daughter in-law. Lucky him. One-time appearance for the High Peak 40-mile ultra. Quoted as saying 'I didn't know there was this much waiting around.' Hasn't signed himself up since. Reluctant to share reclining chair.

 Sarah Croskery
Willing to go from dance floor to A-crew in a matter of hours. Expert Boomerang operator. Sees desperation on a runner's face as a sign that the runner should be pushed harder. Follows commitment to the end with by making vodka cocktails past race. 

Neisha Herbert
Agrees to be support crew at the last minute as a way to practice future parenting skills. First pregnant member of the A-team and had no complaints about using God's acre for six hours while six months pregnant. Comes prepared with baking and pom poms.


  1. I only moved on to other athletes because you never followed the training schedules I wrote.
    And you are doing well enough without them!

    That hot dog was delicious. And I put onions on it, so I got an extra food group.

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